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Mushroombiz has a way of doing things

About Us

Mushroombiz is owned and managed by a team of hardened entrepreneurs, finance directors and former business owners who have successfully sold their companies.

We started Mushroombiz to address the gap in support and advice given to SMEs by professional services and business support companies. With expertise in leadership, finance, operations, contracts, technology and risk management, we’ve spent time designing a service experience that condenses all the unnecessary bureaucracy you get told you need into the relevant essentials that you really do.

Big business tools for small business budgets.

We provide enterprise grade resources to companies at critical stages of growth to keep their operations accountable. Our services are affordable because we use relevant technology efficiently. We have also built out a simple software agnostic processes that cut across traditional vertical departments like Compliance, HR, Finance and Customer Service.

Because of the way we do things at Mushroombiz, our clients can focus on generating income and growth knowing their supporting operations will run seamlessly and scale as their business does.

What our customers think

How We Work


Our services are designed as end-to-end user-focused processes. Whether it's managing your employees, your customers, suppliers, shareholders, or directors, our services processes cut through traditional hurdles found in Finance, HR and  Compliance Departments. As a result, we reduce the transmission loss found by using different suppliers, or having your resources in-house.


Mushroombiz has an in-depth understanding of financial management, contracts, technology, and how to build a business and manage key risks. We also believe in sharing nuggets of information freely and without charging for it.


We believe that if you need something done, you need it done ASAP by default. We pride ourselves on giving prompt turnarounds with tasks, completing them on time and to your specifications. No matter the complexity, we go the extra mile  to get it right and if we can’t do it, we never stop finding you the right solution.