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At times like these, we must pull together. The Covid-19 Pandemic is placing immense strain on our society and businesses all over the UK. Mushroom is providing dedicated help and support to Businesses and Voluntary Organisations. Please proceed below.


We're here to provide help for businesses through this Covid-19 emergency. We will be updating this space shortly

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Community Support

We are currently offering free phone lines, privacy policies and as much as we can to help the isolated and vulnerable during this difficult time. 

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How it works and FAQs


If you are running a local  Community Outreach group or Mutual Aid group and want to arrange a phone line for a specific outreach group get in touch here:

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We’re supporting community volunteer groups across the UK by providing them with call-handling systems for volunteers to connect with the isolated and vulnerable in their neighbourhoods. We are seeking support from other businesses who have something they can offer in support of the amazing work people are doing to help friends, families and strangers alike.

Every business will have its own scope and limitations so what you offer is up to you. Some ideas from the communities themselves to get you started are included in our latest blog.

To register your business offering on our directory, which will be shared with community groups nationwide, please complete the form below.

Please note: 

  • Your offering should be free of charge to each voluntary group
  • if you can only support in a specific geographic area that’s fine, just say so in the details you provide.