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We’ve compiled 37 important Coronavirus workplace risks and controls in this COVID-19 Risk Assessment.

The workplace risks of COVID-19 need careful management as you bring your staff back to work – as well as on an ongoing basis thereafter. But that doesn’t mean you have to wrack your brains or waste your time working out every risk from scratch.

We’ve compiled 37 important Coronavirus workplace risks in this pre-populated Risk Assessment and identified common treatment actions, saving you loads of time and mental energy. All you need to do is make them specific to your business and you’re good to go.

✓ Fully-populated 37-point Risk Assessment with all control actions identified.

✓ Save time wracking your brains and just tweak/add to the comprehensive risk list.

✓ Fully integrated within an overarching Risk Matrix, giving you full control of your workplace H&S.

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OR: supercharge your workplace return with our COVID-19 Compliance Bundle

Health and Safety risks aren’t the only thing you need to think about to get your staff working again.  You need to re-induct them into the workplace, handling increased home working and deal with all that untaken annual leave.

Don’t get left in the dark, let Mushroom take care of all the hard work with our COVID-19 Compliance Bundle.

✓ Bespoke Health and Safety Policy

✓ Full H&S Risk Matrix & Treatment Plan (includes 37-point COVID-19 Risk Assessment)

✓ Staff Reorientation pack: includes communications on Risk Matrix agreement, absence & pay and staff responsibilities

✓ Up to date staff policies on home-working, infectious diseases and annual leave

✓ Daily office COVID-19 checklist

Compliance Bundle £490

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