Outsourced Accounting Services

Outsourced Accounting

There is no denying that new cloud accounting software has changed small business accounting for the better and there is no going back. For this reason, Mushroom works alongside Secure Cloud Accounting.

With this software, Mushroom outsourced accounting services can be a safety net that optimises your VAT returns, gives you real guidance remotely, schedules your Companies House documentation, and submits your final accounts to HMRC and Companies House.


Accounts with Mushroom

We are here to make your outsourced accounting services a seamless process. Whether you need to submit a Self-Assessment tax return, a Corporation Tax return or your accounts to Companies House (or all of the above!), the Mushroom Accounting Team will make your accounts work seamlessly with your tax returns and your ‘year-end’ so that those big tasks at the end of the tax year are dealt with efficiently with the minimum of inconvenience to you.

Mushroom’s accounts team offer a range of outsourced accounting services, from payroll and bookkeeping to tax returns and year-end reports. We can offer services through cloud accounting and new technology (such as through the Snap App), or through traditional methods; the choice is yours.


Introducing Cloud Accounting

With this new wave of cloud accounting software, you have the power to do your books quickly and efficiently. Mushroom can provide you with access to our Snap App, which allows you to send photos of your daily payments and invoices to Mushroom. Mushroom can then do your outsourced bookkeeping from this information. Find out more about our Snap App below.
There are some radical new benefits for entrepreneurs’ accounts.With cloud accounting you can…

  • Work on your accounts anywhere on any device
  • Feed the transactions from your bank directly onto the software
  • Send invoices from the software with PayLinks
  • Integrate your accounts software with payment providers such as Stripe and GoCardless and so much more…
  • Feedback on how your accounts are doing is virtually real-time.
  • And it’s all paperless!

How Mushroom can help

Mushroom’s outsourced bookkeeping service is assisted by IRIS Snap technology. Our clients can either use our ‘Snap App’ or inform Mushroom accountants of their spending through the cloud accounting software. From here, Mushroom keep a digital record which our accounting staff are able to review and publish directly to KashFlow.


The Snap App

Snap App is a mobile-app-led service which resolves the problem of keeping receipts by scanning them and then digitising that data to keep your books updated. Mushroom’s app, assisted by IRIS Snap technology, allows our clients to capture photos of receipts, invoices, purchase orders and bank statements which are then seamlessly processed by Mushroom into digital records ready for our accounting staff to review and publish directly onto KashFlow.

KashFlow integrates into the IRIS accountancy platform, giving a complete picture of your business, including all work carried out to prepare tax and accounts, as well as real-time book-keeping data.

Mushroom Payroll Service

Mushroom can also help assist with your company payroll.  Our sister company, tlam, provides accounts and payroll to over 50 legal firms. In addition, Mushroom accountants have been trained to help provide the same services across different markets.

Whether your business has staff working with a commission scheme, or staff who simply work once a week, Mushroom can provide your outsourced payroll solution.

Not only is payroll extremely important for your staff welfare, it can also be very time consuming. Furthermore, Mushroom can guarantee a consistent, accurate service whilst working along side your business.

In doing so, you will save time and will make your life less stressful.

To find out about Mushroom prices, please visit the pricing page here



Accountants on Tap

Alongside this great piece of cloud accounting software, you can also call our “Accountants on Tap” service for reassurance regarding VAT, payroll and day-to-day queries with posting and sending invoices. This means that when it comes to submitting your accounts at the end of the year to Companies House and HMRC, you can have a seamless transition from the day-to-day to statutory, quarterly and annual submissions. Using our call service, you can relax, knowing you can get in touch regarding any accounting query and be reassured knowing that these queries will be dealt with correctly and efficiently.

Our Accounting services

  • Payroll
  • Pension Administration
  • Book Keeping
  • VAT Returns
  • Year-end final accounts
  • Corporation Tax Return
  • Directors Personal Tax Return
  • Management Accountant Reporting
  • Financial Director Support Accounting Software
  • Snap Accounting
  • ‘Accountants on tap’ Call Service


Mushroom acts as a safety net that optimises your VAT returns, gives you real guidance remotely, schedules your Companies House documentation, and submits your final accounts to HMRC and Companies House.

Get in touch to find out more about our Accounting services: contact@mushroombiz.co.uk

Accounting Packages

We can offer an accounting package from as little as £35 per month. Whilst you still have responsibility for sending across your invoices& payments, we provide you with active supervision, to make sure your company accounts are all correctly postedin an efficient manner and at a low cost.

Individually Priced Services

Mushroom also offers a range of accounting services all priced individually on top of our Mushroom packages. We offer payroll, pension administration, book keeping, VAT returns, year-end final accounts, corporation tax returns, director’s personal tax return, management accountant reporting, financial director supportand strategic support.

Questions to think about

Do you know if you are getting the most from your VAT?
How do you know if you’re actually doing your accounting right?
Are you prepared for the financial consequences if your accountant submits incorrect accounts to Companies House and HMRC?