Management Consulting

When we started Mushroom, we decided, from Day One that we would not just be an accountancy firm. Don’t get us wrong, we love accounting and know that accountancy and tax are key to the financial well-being of firms. But at Mushroom we also know that many companies need clarity and an understanding of the whole, commercial picture.

Therefore, we have brought together a team of experienced consultants to help you with all elements of your business.

Our consultants will take the time to understand your situation and with a wealth of experience, they will provide you with expert advice. With their knowledge and expertise, Mushroom consultants bring added value to any business; whether it’s helping you draft business plans to pitch to investors or making sure all of your key commercial documentation is in place.


At Mushroom we have specialists in a variety of different fields.

  • HR – It is important for any business to deal with HR issues in the correct manner. As a business owner, protection for your business should be a number one priority.  Our HR consultants can help guide you through the correct steps you will need to take within any HR issue.
  • Financial – Mushroom have a variety of management accountants, who can help you budget and ensure your business is in the best possible financial situation. Our consultants can also help you in looking to expand into different markets, assessing the financial implication this may have on your business.
  • Business Management – Mushroom Consultants have years of experience in running businesses and so have probably faced the problems you face many times before. It is important for any business that the correct management tools are in place to guide the business to success.

Where our consultants can help

  • Budgeting – Our consultants can use their experience to your advantage. Make the most of our management accountants, who can help plan and budget your businesses finances, predict your future income from these plans and help you be aware of your current financial situation.
  • Panel of lenders
  • Tax advice – One area of business which leaves business owners with unanswered questions is tax. Being from a financial background, our consultants can advise you in this area and leave you feeling confident that you are addressing your tax issues in the correct manner.
  • Innovations – Business innovations fuel the economy. At Mushroom, we have consultants who can provide you with expert knowledge in making sure you get these innovations to market.
  • Business Failure – It is important to address all options of your business, especially when it is failing. Our consultants can provide advice in any situation, making sure you are getting the best out of whatever circumstance your business is in.
  • Sale of business – There are important steps which you will need to take before progressing with the sale of your business. Our mushroom consultants can take you through this process, ensuring you are getting the most you can possibly get through the sale of your business.

Our Consultants

Priced on delivery, we offer a range of consultants with specialisms from tax to emotional intelligence, to treasury solutions. At Mushroom, we feel it is important to build a relationship with our clients by offering great, sensible advice and services. We take time to understand your situation and using the valuable experience of our staff, we can provide sensible advice as well as offering services which will keep you in control of your business. Our vision is to allow our clients to grow in the way they want to.

Business Plans

Mushroom consultants can also help you put together a business plan. Whether you are an entrepreneur seeking investment or are looking to go into another market, our consultants can help.

We aim to give your business idea the best possible chance of succeeding.

How Mushroom can help…

  • identify your business idea
  • spot potential problems
  • set targets and measure progress
  • help secure an investment or a loan from a bank

Check out our blog on the importance of business plans here

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GDPR Legislation - How Mushroom Can Help

The new legislation, May 25th 2018, brings significant changes in the way businesses and organisations can store and process data about individuals and puts much more onus on them to have a sound legal basis for processing data or having obtained consent from the individual.

The GDPR requires you to show how you comply with the new principles, such as;

  • Having a clear understanding of the data you or your business processes.
  • Having staff trained about the new data protection regulations.
  • Documenting what actions will be taken from the data processing activity.

Here at Mushroom Management we can assist you with preparation and ongoing compliance to GDPR through our sister company tlam. Tlam is currently helping law firms get you prepared for May 25th and has all the knowledge to help your business.
Check out our blog on GDPR here and feel free to get in touch via
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Tina Surman CGMA

As Mushroom’s founder, chartered accountant and financial director for several companies, Tina’s experience is second to none. Having set up a profitable cashiering company through the recession and now entering their 10 year anniversary, Tina understands what businesses have to do during both the good and tough times in order to be successful.

Philppa Onslow-Free ACA
Financial Controller

Philippa has been looking after businesses accounts for many years, including VAT, end of year accounts and management reports. Being ACA qualified gives confidence to businesses that they are in safe hands when outsourcing their accounts.

Imran Tariq ACCA MBA
Management Accountant

With an extensive education and experience in banking finance and accounting in the UK and abroad, Imran brings vast experience to any firm requiring in-depth Cash-flow analysis, risk reporting and technology adoption.

Ed Surman BA
Management Consultant

Ed advises Startups at Mushroom on getting their first deals through the door and making sure data and financial technology is at the heart of their business operations. Ed’s work at tlam, of which Mushroom is a subsidiary, has involved setting up paralegal services, legal process outsourcing and FX payment solutions. One of his more recent projects has been the successful attainment of tlam’s ISO27001 certification.

Glenn Hanson – BA (Hons), ACII

Glenn Hanson spent over 30 years in the financial services industry and was intrinsically involved in nearly every aspect of managing a large plc organisation with over 3000 staff.

He was a Board member the for Retail Financial Services arm of the business and also was responsible for managing the HR function in respect of the large direct sales force. He is recognised for being a strong and clear leader with an understanding of practical day to day issues.

Glenn is a man of honesty, integrity and great capability. His breadth of experience of business both big and small, his energy, drive, communication skills and crucially his ability to translate strategic vision into practical, tactical delivery is an unusual and valuable combination.

Mushroom consultants can be available to any business whether you are signed up with Mushroom or not. Consultants can be available through a monthly fee giving constant access to them and their services. In addition, our consultants can be available for individual proposals where a quote can be agreed before the service is delivered.

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