HR Outsourcing Services

HR Outsourcing

Through our HR outsourcing services, Mushroom can help you with Human Resources (HR) and Admin work.

It is important for any business to deal with HR issues in the correct manner. These issues can be time-consuming, inconvenient and at times, stressful. It is important, therefore, that the right procedures are put in place-firstly to help you deal any issues as they come up and secondly, to help prevent any further HR issues from becoming a problem.

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Make sure your business is prepared

In many cases, business owners only look for HR advice once they have a problem. However, overcoming an HR issue can be a time-consuming process. We can help you put processes in place to deal with HR issues and help prevent any future problems.

Why is HR outsourcing important

As a business owner, protection for your business is the number one priority. It is important for employers to ensure that they have correct procedures in place for dealing with HR. It is also important for employees to have the reassurance that HR provides in maintaining employee confidence.

HR can also be an excellent tool in managing employment relationships. For example, putting together an Employee Handbook ensures that from the start of the employment relationship, employees are aware of the ethos of the business and the standards that are expected.

How Mushroom can help

Mushroom can provide you with a HR outsourcing service to ensure that your organisation is following the correct procedures, minimising any potential HR risks. With employment law changing on a regular basis, it can be difficult to keep up with the laws that can affect your business. Therefore, having an outsourced HR consultant can be an important asset for your business, whilst they guide you through the correct procedures businesses must take in regards to HR.

Mushroom’s legal team can also provide assistance in regards to HR. Mushroom can help provide advice on Contracts of Employment & Employee Handbook. Mushroom understands that businesses may not be fully aware of their legal obligations, therefore our service can provide you with all of the legal reassurance you need without the fees a lawyer would charge. We can also help your business with the process of employment, ranging from the preparation of an employee handbook, to drafting a contract of employment.

Mushroom’s HR services

  • Setting up Employment Contracts
  • Basic DBS check, employment & character
  • Enhanced check
  • Appraisal Management
  • Take on staff process (References & KYC) – Prices can vary; get in touch to find out more.
  • HR Consultant


By utilising our HR outsourcing services to Mushroom, your business can save costs, improve employee relationships and protect your business from any potential HR risk and speed up the efficiency of dealing with any HR related issue.

Our specialist outsourced HR service can include monthly payments to have constant access to one of Mushrooms HR consultants & access to our legal team or you can pay fees for individual cases where you may need a Mushroom HR advisor.

Human Resource Consultant

Get in touch with a Mushroom HR consultant today. At £75 an hour/fixed fee per task, our consultants can guide you through your HR needs.

Mushroom Paralegals

Mushrooms legal service can cooperate with your HR needs. Our HR team work trained legal professionals to ensure you that your HR needs are addressed correctly.

If you have any questions regarding HR, feel free to get in touch