Mushroom’s Legal Triage Service puts you in control of all your legal needs.

According to YouGov, SMEs face around 8 legal issues per year. Cost is the biggest hurdle stopping SMEs from resolving them. As entrepreneurs ourselves we know that sorting your legal work can be an expensive business.Mushrooms Legal Triage can be the key to your commercial success by providing a legal service at a fraction of the costs of dealing directly with lawyers.

At Mushroom, we work with legal experts who make sure your commercial aims are protected and achieved. Mushroom ispart of the tlamGroup meaning that our Legal Triage Service has access to top law firms and is delivered by a talented team of law graduates from tlamParalegals.


Mushroom Paralegals

At Mushroom, our highly trained paralegals are able to triage your legal work. Working along-side tlam, we are able to give you affordable prices for premium legal services delivered by top practices across the UK.

Mushroom’s legal team can provide most of the scope and do the basics of your legal work so that when you go to a solicitor, you will only be paying for the work that they do. On some commercial leases for example, we have saved SMEs nearly 70% of legal costs. See how we can help you achieve this below.


How it works

From employment to contracts through to joint venture and shareholder agreements, you never need to go in blind with a law firm again.

You may find that when you go to a solicitor, you are not very clear about your legal needs. You place your trust in a solicitor who helps you work out those legal needs, but in that process your costs can easily spiral.

However, with Mushroom, if you have a particular piece of legal work in need of completion (such as your next office lease), we do the leg work. Our legal team will do the majority of the work. We then provide you with a choice of carefully selected law firms who will focus on the bit of the case that we don’t do. As a result, your legal needs are met at a significantly lower cost.


Cost saving

By committing to one of Mushrooms monthly plans, any additional administration Mushroom provides is done at zero cost, meaning you only pay for what the lawyer does. In some cases we have reduced fees by 65%. An Accountancy Age report states that the reason why companies are not fully prepared for legal advice, is due to SMEs massively under-budgeting for the legal aspects of setting up a company. Make sure your business is prepared with our cost-saving legal support service.

Mushroom’s legal triage service helps you work out what your needs are. We help you set out your commercial objectives, your hiring plans and company policies so you can be in control of your commercial affairs.This can be done over the phone via our legal helpline, face-to-face or by secure messaging.


Legal Helpline

Mushroom can help you with your legal needs through our legal helpline service. Keep in touch with our paralegals and get advice from our legal experts to help you fully understand what you will need to do to help resolve problems. Our helpline will be available Monday to Friday, helping you with any legal issues. Organised by a team of legal graduates and paralegals, our legal helpline can help you overcome your legal needs efficiently, giving you complete reassurance.

The areas of unreserved legal services Mushroom provide are:

  • Corporate
  • Commercial
  • Real Estate (Process Only)
  • Employment
  • Regulation

Any questions regarding Mushrooms legal services, please get in touch