Mushroombiz Solutions

Mushroom brings you the services, software and solutions that optimise your operations and help you make your business your own.

From switchboard management to financial advice, card payments to accounting software, Mushroombiz connects you to the platforms and support that simply make everything work.

Homegrown Solutions

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Through solving critical operational problems for our clients, we offer tailor made solutions to help automate processes and ensure repeatable success for  your pipeline.

Our card payments platform gets funds from your client to your bank account by a simple email or SMS collection. Through our call handling service and virtual phone numbers, we ensure no phone call goes to voicemail. Or, through our Virtual Assistant Hub, you can get super skilled digital nomads to level up your operations.

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Call Handling & Telephony

Virtual Assistant Hub

From Our Partners

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We bring a range of applications, financial services products and professional services to our clients that we don’t do in Mushroombiz. Whether it’s FX, software, lending, or innovation consulting, we go the extra mile to make sure all our clients are fully supported.

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Specialist Consulting