Welcome to the Fun Guys

Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter how well you dress it:

Accounting, tax, legal, HR and admin requirements probably doesn’t get you excited.

The Fun Guys will.


You see, Mushroom doesn’t just provide services. It’s a community and we are aspire to be a true media voice for UK business. We are here to broadcast and share with UK SME community, real, meaningful stories, insights and expertise from the Mushroom team and our guests.

Alongside insightful blogs, we have our  podcast, On Business with the Fun Guys,  available on all major podcast streaming services.


We cover everything from technical expertise through to anecdotes on selling companies, finding new markets and the trials and tribulations of the fascinating characters who’ve been there and done it.

As well as our blogs and podcasts, you can make sense of complicated terminology with our stress-free Jargon Buster, where every piece of boring or technical speak will be demystified for your convenience and available to you whenever you need.




Welcome to the Fun Guys!

On Business with the Fun Guys

Listen to this podcast via all major podcast streaming services.