Mushroom Outlook Summit 2021

Every year, Mushroombiz convenes a summit with clients and friends to discuss the big things that might affect business. 2021 is going to be a mad and chaotic year and our Summit sheds light on what those issues are and how to overcome them.

Expert Interviews

We bring in experts and veterans of entrepreneurship to discuss the big issues facing the UK business environment. They help shape our opinions on specific matters and are a key component of our Outlook Summit Report. You can watch the interviews here

Central Guidance

Using our polling and our expert interviews, we come to a judgement about what to do to combat these risks. This is our central guidance. It is not advice as we cannot cater to the individual circumstances of each business and it cannot be relied upon for any investment, financing, compliance, tax or legal decisions. However, our central guidance is a common sense answer to the problems SMEs might face in the year ahead.

Polling & Research

We look at macro economic data, agendas of global summits and new laws to give our clients a flavour of what’s going on. In partnership with Yonder (previously Populus) we conduct a poll to assess the entrepreneurial appetite of the nation. We publish the polling results after the Summit which this year will be held on 22nd January 2021.