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We remove the hassle of getting your professional and operational expertise. Businesses are used to going to an Accountant, a Solicitor, a HR advisor separately. However, with all this expertise under one roof, we streamline your financial, commercial, and compliance risks into a tidy 360° solution.

Our services are like building blocks. You can add and remove whatever you need to deliver slick, efficient and proactive services that give you the perfect back office for your business.

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Online Business Services with Mushroombiz

A new way to get your professional services

We like to think of our experts as part of a super multi-disciplinary practice. From your foundation through to exit, our lawyers, accountants, HR and tax advisors provide almost total professional coverage for the key events in your business life. Nothing is completed in a vacuum.

We have those critical cross-advisor conversations that you would otherwise have to manage and pay for.

Streamlined Departments

In addition to our super practice, Mushroombiz can be your Finance, Legal, HR, Compliance and Operations Department. We offer companies the opportunity to hire the kind of resources you’d find at a large corporation, but in a highly streamlined service.

And at any scale.

You may not have the money or need for a full-time contract manager, financial controller, sales ledger clerk, HR manager or general counsel, but Mushroombiz can give you the perfect mix of resources at any budget.