Commercial Services

We fill the gaps with the expertise or time you may not have to keep your business running. Need something done but you're not sure what kind of service provider does it?


Commercial  Services helps you keep up with fulfillment, close deals, and help with trade critical compliance such as customs declarations and visas.


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Our talented, multi-disciplinary Commercial Services Team gets the job done - whatever it is you need.

From coordinating your credit control and dealing with debt recovery to securing international visas or sponsorship applications. Managing your proposal writing and bid management, we work with what you’ve got and help you build what you haven’t.

And if we don’t know it already, the vast stock of knowledge in the Mushroombiz network means we can usually figure it out.

Our team is composed of experienced businesspeople and processors, who are used to working with e-commerce stores, law firms, engineering outfits, PR agencies and tech start-ups, so you can be sure we have the skills and know-how to help you handle the complexities and nuances of your business.

Outcome-Focused Help to Get Business Done

  • International Visa Applications
  • Customs Declarations & Compliance
  • Bid & Proposal Management
  • Insurance Renewal Negotiation
  • Utility Supplier Managment
  • Hotel & Hire Car Bookings
  • Logistics Planning (appointments, deliveries, events)
  • Procurement & Office Supplies Management
  • Stock Control & Ordering
  • Mailbox Email Management
  • Customer Service Coordination
  • Customer & Supplier Communication (letter writing, making calls, handling enquiries)
  • Transcription & Dictation