Comms & Compliance

We help you connect with your stakeholders, building a super-efficient customer journey that expands your sales pipeline, maintains customer loyalty and manages customer and supplier compliance.

Tailored to the values, manner and methodologies that matter to you, Mushroombiz Comms & Compliance is purpose-designed to put the front end of your business in safe hands.

Comms & Compliance Services

Designed to help you deliver the highest standards in communication and quality, our Comms & Compliance services act for you with the voice, style and approach you want. We can take your calls, follow your quality control processes, manage your diary, and ensure the right levels of compliance in your day-to-day processing activities. Take a closer look at our comms and compliance offerings.

Call Handling & Telephony

Service communications as they should be.

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Call Handling

Welcome your callers with friendly and professional assistance. Kick-start the customer journey with smart qualification questions. Spare your staff the time and nuisance of unwanted sales calls and connect genuine enquirers to someone who can actually help them right from the start.

Whatever your priority, our call-handling services are a relied-upon frontline to a whole range of businesses from software and IT companies to law firms and financial services.

Whether using our directory of virtual phone numbers or your own systems, we work with your brand and processes to deliver a seamless virtual reception for your business.


Set the Mushroombiz Head Office as your invoices and correspondence address and let us take care of your commercial post. We file scanned copies of your post for reference and help you to distribute correspondence to the right recipients.

Where you use Mushroombiz for other relevant services (such as Accounting and Tax, payroll or HR), correspondence is circulated straight to the relevant department for actioning as part of your service.

Sales Support

First-contact with a new enquirer is a make-or-break moment in the sales process. We help you show them that they’ve come to the right place for what they need with informed and helpful sales support. This is also the best time to scope their relevance and importance to your business by getting the right information. We carefully qualify your inbound leads so you can focus on nurturing the ones that matter.

Bookings, Travel & Diary Management

Make time to earn more by letting us handle your scheduling. We set clear parameters and operating procedures to book appointments with the right timeframes, provide customers with the right information (such as pre-commencement checks or calendar invites) and balance the rhythm of the working day (geography, efficiency, intensity etc.) so that you can get on with income-generating activities.

Customer Service & Mailbox Management

Keeping on top of your communications can be the difference between winning and losing business. Our Customer Service support helps you stay connected to the people who matter and gives the peace of mind that queries and enquiries never go unanswered.

Note: we also provide a Registered Office post management service (for formal correspondence from HMRC and Companies House) as part of our Company Secretary services. Find out more here.

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Quality and assurance at the heart of your operations.

Customer Onboarding

We help you take-on new business with confidence and without the headaches of managing the paper-trail. From issuing and chasing for signed T&Cs to setting up customer accounts on CRM systems, we work with heavily-regulated businesses such as law firms, surveyors and manufacturers to ensure their onboarding procedures are efficient and compliant and there are zero barriers to getting work done.

Company and Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Checks

Being clear who you’re working with and the risk they pose can be easier said than done. We help make this manageable by performing comprehensive checks on the legitimacy, identity and history of your key stakeholders.


Approved List and Pre-Qualification management

Our administrators help you win new business by satisfying your clients’ pre-work compliance needs. If you regularly require PPQ or approved-list sign-off to deliver work for procuring organisations, we can work with you to establish an information library, maintain and monitor accreditation and insurance expiries and help you remain in the running for big projects.

Consulting support for more detailed invitations to tender (ITT) is also available upon enquiry.


Insurance Procurement

We help you keep up-to-date with your renewals, make sure you have the right insurances in place and keep costs to a minimum.

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