Finance Department Services

Transactions are the lifeblood of your business.

Get paid on time, manage cash flow, place orders, pay suppliers and build a finance strategy with our virtual finance department.

Mushroombiz provides the perfect commercial environment no matter the business size. This is the home of prompt, accurate and complete financial operations with meaningful reporting that underpins high performance in your business.

Get an enterprise-grade finance department for your SME.

Specialist roles

Most small businesses don’t have the spending power to employ an entire skilled finance team, leaving just one or two people to take responsibility for everything. This causes problems with bandwidth, not to mention the challenge of finding a whole department’s worth of skills without a larger headcount. With specialist roles across Purchase Ledger, Sales Ledger and Management Reporting, Mushroombiz gives you much, much more for less, offering all the know-how and people-power at a fraction of the cost.

Supplement or substitute

We can fill the resource and skill gaps in your existing finance infrastructure by working alongside your current team, or we can help you build from scratch with a complete team at your disposal. Whether you someone to manage your billing and credit control, help your purchasing team or budget your international payments properly, we offer this services in the parts you require.

Professional analysis by real people

At Mushroombiz we’re not just about getting the transactional processing right. We know what really makes a difference is looking behind the numbers. How is the business performing? What are the areas of risk and opportunity? Mushroombiz clients talk regularly to real humans who have the insights to help keep their finger on the pulse and make well-informed, goal-orientated financial decisions.

The Full Service

From £1,100 per month.


For companies whose revenue is over £500k per month, we run the entirety of your finance operations split into three key areas: Income, Expenditure and Management Control. Often companies at this size will have one resource to do everything when you really need specialist skills. We give you a proportion of billing and credit control experts, purchase and expenditure professionals, payroll administrators and management accountants.



We manage your sales invoicing, ensuring prompt and accurate client billing, accurate tracking of cost/budget codes, and intensive credit control to secure payment from your customers at the earliest opportunity, giving you the cashflow your business needs.

Management & Control

We provide a robust reporting framework to ensure you fully understand what your finances are telling you. From cashflow planning, budgeting and management reporting to forecasting and governance, we feedback and discuss your numbers regularly with you to analyse performance, highlight potential concerns and offer recommendations that support sound financial practice and effective planning.


Our real-time teams delivers fast and responsive procurement, supplier payment processing and account management. From agreeing credit terms with new supply partners to balancing stock levels and cost-control, Mushroombiz keeps your operations moving forward profitably and efficiently.

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Choose a Block

Use any of these Income blocks:

  • Billing
  • Credit Control
  • Sales Ledger Reconciliation
  • Third-party payments management

Customised Credit Control

Chasing money can be hard, time-consuming and sometimes confrontational. Our Finance Department services alleviate those issues by combining the latest automations with the right human touches.

We chase payments for manufacturers, PR agencies, law firms – all of whom necessitate a different tone, style and cadence. Whether it’s gentle email reminders for a well-renowned personality owing £4k consultancy fees or routine statements and telephone relationship-building with the Accounts Payable department of a much bigger business where you’re just another supplier, our spirited Credit Controllers run an organised, down-to-earth and diligent chasing routine designed to get your customers paying promptly without resulting in conflict or loss of business.

Choose any of these expenditure blocks:

  • Purchase Management
  • Supplier Payment Runs
  • Purchase Ledger Reconciliation
  • International Payments

International Payments

Once you begin sending money abroad over a certain volume, you need to manage currency risk and not pay over the odds for the foreign currency you need. Mushroombiz helps find the best brokers, budget your international payment flows and give your financial planning some predictability.

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