Business Consulting Services

We are as ambitious for you as you are.

We are led by a team of hardened entrepreneurs, executives, and finance directors. We help clients implement robust systems, raise capital, explore new markets, and business development activities.

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Helping you reach your goals

When we started Mushroom, we decided we wanted to offer more than just super efficient back-office services. Our consultants give you clarity and focus in a range of disciplines to help you achieve whatever you set out too.

Business Development

Product-to-market Strategies (P2MS)

We help you plan your business development strategies. Whether it’s a product or service, new or existing, our consultants help you establish key routes to different markets and assist with:

  • Market Research
  • Feasibility and Risk Analysis
  • Efficacy Tests
  • Branding and Marketing Strategies
  • Testing
  • Sourcing Distribution Channels, Pledges and Letters of Interest
  • Operational Planning

Work Small, Think Big, Scale Fast.

First we help you deliver your offering effectively on a small scale. Then we help with visualising your future business at scale and finding the tools to make this happen; investment, premises, machinery, workforces, recruitment strategies

Financial Planning & Control
People & Engagment
Privacy & Information Security
Accredidations & Compliance

Our Philosophy

When we say wake up to a world without admin, we mean it.

Risk management and non-income generating activities, although essential to your business, can take up your time, preventing you from focusing on your Marketing Sales and Fulfilment (MSF) cycle.

We strongly encourage our clients to to spend 100% of their time on the MSF cycle while we handle the rest for them.

Prioritise your time on your strengths and profitable activities.

The MSF cycle is a virtuous circle. Building and delivering a great product or service can only make money if it’s marketed and distributed via a solid sales process. Each element supports the other and when optimised, companies become successful.

Because we understand this, we make sure our consulting is fully aligned with how that cycle works in your organisation. Risk Management and non-income-generating tasks complement this process, keeping things functioning well without preventing the cycle from functioning effectively.