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If you think you can’t make more time, think again.

Providing Business Services and Solutions across the U.K. Accounting & Tax · HR · Legal Support · Commercial Services.

Build Your Best Business with Mushroombiz. We help you run, scale and sell by taking care of the dull, complex or time-eating demands you used to handle yourself. No more paperwork on a Sunday. No more rabbit-hole discussions with lawyers about commercial contracts or lease agreements. No more time spent trying to chase down debts and get on top of your numbers.


Reclaim Time

Leave your administration work with us


Work Smarter

Enjoy being in control of your business again


Propel Growth

Use that time to make, market, sell, and grow

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Build Your Best Business with Mushroombiz

Mushroom’s ecosystem of back office services gives SMEs affordable access to the type and level of resources that usually only larger organisations benefit from. A Finance department, a Human Resources department, a Legal department. Our services are like building blocks, you can add and remove whatever you need to deliver slick, efficient and proactive services that give you the perfect back office for your business.

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We Set Up Start-Ups With the Right Minimum Operations

Start-ups need to be super lean and we know that your budget for your back-office has to be lean too. You also need to spend as much of your time as possible on your product or service, your marketing and your sales.

That’s why Mushroom’s services are designed to be highly scalable. We help hundreds of ambitious entrepreneurs focus all of their energy on making their business a success. Whether you need help with your pipeline, answering your phones, booking your travel or helping you with customer service, Mushroom Virtual Assistant is a great place to start.

With Mushroom Virtual Assistant, you get all the admin help you need, plus the benefit of access to all of our expertise in Tax, HR, Contracts, Legals and Compliance on an ad-hoc basis to make sure you hit your mission-critical goals in year 1.

Trial a Mushroom Virtual Assistant

Get organised with Mushroom Virtual Assistant. We can manage your calendar, take your calls and chase up payments at a fraction of the cost of hiring direct.

Set Up Your Business With Us

According to a recent study by YouGov, the average spend for Startups on professional services is £22,756! We could not believe it ourselves.

Starting a business requires you to take your idea and express its implementation not only in the products and services you provide, but in all of the non-income generating things that helps you manage critical business risks, such as:

  • Contracts with Customers and Employees
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • IP Protection
  • Accounting Systems
  • Tax Compliance
  • HR system design
  • HR, GDPR and other major compliance requirements

You've Found An Opportunity...

Let's talk about your new venture

Let’s discuss how you want to set up your company to maximise the opportunity you have found and get you flying from day 0!

We help turn your ideas into a reality and we can get you set up for as little as £6,000 per year including all the Legal, Incorporation, Accounting and HR requirements you may need. You can pick and choose what Mushroom support you need, and you can incorporate a company with us for as little as £70!