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We are providing unlimited knowledge, robust solutions and forward-thinking services to hundreds of ambitious people and businesses across the UK.

See off the stress of important daily tasks like chasing debts and getting on top of your numbers.

Make deciphering legal contracts and HR policy a thing of the past.

Think strategically with advice driven by meaningful insights aligned to your long-term goals.

Build Your Best Business with Mushroombiz.


Reclaim Time

Get the answers you need fast, let us do the work doesn't make you money.


Work Smarter

Enjoy being in control of your business again


Propel Growth

Use that time to make, market, sell, and grow

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Your Journey with Mushroombiz

The Mushroombiz Network

Our mission is to help as many SMEs and Entrepreneurs in the UK as we can to navigate tax, regulations and moving trends in business. Starting with our web service, the Mushroombiz network, we are democratising knowledge and giving business owners the chance to get all the information they need without having to feel like they need to pay someone for it.

Instead of 60 minutes on a search engine, our AI network adviser the Jargon Buster can help you with 90% of your queries.

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Our master web service - from here you can get unlimited knowledge on everything from tax and tech recommendations to professional templates, documentation packs and express services.

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Services & Solutions

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Our services and solutions address the gap in support and advice given to SMEs by professional services and business support companies. With expertise in leadership, finance, operations, contracts, technology and risk management, we’ve spent time designing a service experience that condenses all the unnecessary bureaucracy, gives you more time to focus on growth and be a leader in your field.

Professional Services

Supported by our experienced accountants, lawyers, HR and infosec professionals, our intelligent professional services are dedicated to helping you optimise your finances, people and relationships with customers and suppliers.

Commercial Services

For companies that need daily, reactive and responsive support, we help run customer services, finance departments, procurement, HR operations and much more.


  • Finance Department
  • HR Administration
  • Credit Control
  • Debt Collection
  • Call handling and Post
  • Compliance (Onboarding, Credit Checks)



Via the network, our Marketplace helps entrepreneurs find the best software, payment tools, financial services and specialist professionals.

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